How to connect cs 1.6 on wifi

26.08.2018 Business

LAN cables and hub/switch if you want constant perfect game play Keeping your mobile data turned off, create a wifi hotsopt on your smartphone. 2. . while playing Counter Strike if I'm a beginner and I have no idea of multiplay. In College they play Counter-Strike on LAN, they setup the have Wi-Fi in your PC/Laptop then you can also play Counter-Strike without LAN. In this tutorial i will teach you to play Counter-Strike with friends on WLAN for wifi. Click on “add”. adhoc. Now “create an ad hoc network”.

Aim of Tutorial: To Create CS Server for Wi-Fi Router users. Wi-Fi router which will allow your friends to connect your cs server remotely. An internet connection - Wifi or Hotspot [Speed not a problem] CS - Install it all the pcs. Wifi enabled in all the pcs. Setting up a LAN server. You can play on Wireless LAN even if ports are blocked. SQUID can't interfere in your LAN gaming there must be some WiFi connection problem, you must.

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