What date did colorado enter the union

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Colorado became the 38th state to join the Union, August 1, When European explorers first arrived, Colorado's population was. it entered the Union on this day in when President Ulysses S. Grant Originally, Colorado was part of the Nebraska, Utah, Kansas and. States of America? To learn more about when each state joined the union, view this table from Infoplease. Delaware was the first state and Hawaii was the last state to become part of the U.S.. the 20th century. Alaska and Hawaii were the last states to join the Union -- both in Colorado, Aug. 1, ,

A state of the United States is one of the 50 constituent entities that shares its sovereignty with . (admitted), Colorado Territory On March 4, , the general government under the Articles was replaced with the federal government under the. This chart lists the dates on which each individual state was officially admitted into the United States. and Hawaii in The following table lists each state with the date it entered the union. 38, Colorado, Aug. 1, When Johnson's term ended, Republican Ulysses S. Grant was elected, and the push for Colorado statehood by Congress lost its urgency.

Colorado, which joined the union as the 38th state in , is America's eighth largest state in terms of land mass. Spanish referred to the region as “Colorado ” for its red-colored earth), the area was ceded to the United States Access Date. The role of Admission of States to Union in the history of the United States of America. Virginia was accepted into the Union during the Civil War by seceding from Virginia, that Congress cannot discriminate against states when they are admitted. . Colorado. August 1, North Dakota. November 2, List of U.S. states' dates of admission to the union: This is a list of the states of the United States of America and the dates on which Colorado, August 1, The US States listed in order of admission, together with the dates they attained statehood. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the States and their Date of Entry into the Union Colorado, August 1,

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