The girl who cries blood twinkle update

27.08.2018 Capital

Sitting in front of me on a plush sofa in the Live India studio, Twinkle did not Of course, the girl must have applied the blood herself; but from where did she. Sanal Edamaruku: Tantrics, astrologers and assorted holy men were called in. But Twinkle's problems were far from supernatural. The girl who cries BLOOD the mystery ailment of girl, 18, whose eyes and ears bleed 5 times a day Updated: 6th April , am In , Twinkle.

Does Twinkle really cry tears of blood? What is her diagnosis? To find out, you'll have to watch the program! Although it may not fully clarify. Do you know Twinkle Dwivedi? A small Indian girl cries blood instead of tears. You may have a comment that it is weird, but it is true. She is one. Nat Geo's hyped up documentary “The Girl Who Cries Blood" traveled 9, miles to India to examine a young girl named Twinkle Dwivedi.

Twinkle Dwivedi is an Indian girl who cries blood instead of tears. The teenager is a unique condition which everyone is shocked to learn of.

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