What does no authorized recipient available

19.01.2019 Capital

Seems like my local postman judges whether or not to deliver the . all do the fake "delivery attempted business closed" or "no authorized. Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available) Did you use USPS, because that's what they usually do, whenever a package is oversize, and won't fit inside. I always keep track of tracking updates, rather I bought or sold said item. Sometimes eBay has different info than USPS actual tracking info until it settles. The delivery person decided that it would not be safe to leave the package, so they said there was no authorized recipient.

the tracking today shows this update at the buyer's city/state/zip: NO AUTHORIZED RECIPIENT AVAILABLE. Is there anything I can do to get this delivered?. "No authorized recipient" is the one my carrier uses when she is too lazy to come to the door. OP, call the post office and tell them to get the mail person to. Upon selling an item, I received a somewhat suspicious message from the buyer asking in broken english if I had other generic stuff for sale (do.

at Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available) since October 28th - I But when I realize an item has been sitting for awhile I do send a. "Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)", BTW nobody rang So I decided i'd take a walk to the post office and they did not have it. Does anyone know what this means? "NO AUTHORIZED RECIPIENT AVAILABLE" This was what I saw when I checked the USPS tracking for. Did you use restricted delivery or signature confirmation by any chance? No authorized recipient is just the reason the carrier took it back to.

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