What is field searching

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Field searching lets you tell a database exactly where you want your keywords to be found. "Fields" are pieces of information that library. You can tell the database where to search for a certain word in the record. Telling the database to search in one specific area for a word or. Field Searching. In online databases, like library catalogs and article databases, as well as Web search engines, each item (book, article, Web site) in the.

You can tell the databases where to look for a certain word by using the field searching limiters. Most databases use a default search that includes the title. Field Searching. When you index a database or other file containing fields, dtSearch saves the field information so you can perform searches limited to a. Using Syntax and Field Searching in the Main Full Text Search Bar. General Rules: * The query will search across both the full text and metadata of all.

Where available, field searching on the Web is a very powerful tool. It allows you to specify exactly where you want the search engine to look in. Keyword searching finds matches for your terms in any field of a record or any part of a Web page, so you will typically retrieve more information with less. What is field searching? For every document indexed in a library database there's record that is composed of individual bits of information. Field, Prefix, Description, Example. Title, intitle: or allintitle: Prefix for searching for a single word in the title. No space between the: and first word. Site, site.

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