Audi 4 2 engine knock when cold

28.08.2018 Sport

Q I have a Honda Accord four-cylinder with , miles. It has developed a clicking engine noise on a cold start. After the car has. When the car is first started from stone cold, the engine appears to make a It only happens for about a minute then the sounds disappear. Black S3 - R-Tech Stage 2+ Silver Supporter Team Phantom Audi S3 Manual. My A4 (l petrol) has started making a nasty nocking noise on cold startup, it only makes the noise for about seconds, and then goes completely, and sounds fine driving/starting from warm. does sound like that so why does it not do it all the time? and that vid said.

Went with a mate to have a look at a A4 T earlier this knocking / rattling / tappety noise coming from the engine. Last edited: Mar 4, Trust · Mar 4, at PM · #2 Or just randomly or hot/cold etc. Ticking. Sounds like a diesel. Worse at cold start. Can be heard even Fixing piston slap for a km driven engine is way too expensive. If an engine is designed for premium (91), using a cheaper, lower-rated gas might cause knocking. Generally, experts say to try a lower octane.

Hey guys I have a Audi A4, B7 When from a cold start I get this annoying startup rattle for seconds then it's gone. Engine is very quiet after this.

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