Hestia s gift on howrse

27.08.2018 Sport

Hestia's Gift gives you a percent chance of giving birth to a unicorn foal, no matter what time the covering takes place, Like other breeding items, Hestia's Gift can only be used once. Howrse Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Hello, I was wondering: can you gift Hestia's Gift to players? Thank you in advance, Padmé. Ever dreamed about owning Hestia's Gift, The Fifth Element, Apollo's Lyre, Golden Howrse has now allowed players to be able to purchase these items, as well as A link back to HowrseHelper is much easier than copying and pasting it.

Hestia's gift is a Black Market Item on a game called Howrse. It cannot be purchased for passes. The only way to get it is to buy cards available in the Howrse. It's available from one of the card packs - which are only available through Howrse itself. The link to purchase them is on the home page of the. There is no time to rest between promotions as of late!:P Yesss! The gift machines are back, and who doesn't love presents?:) This is the.

Athena's Bridle is recommended to improve your horses' dressage, galloping . Hestia's Gift gives you % certainty of giving birth to a unicorn foal, no matter.

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