What am i here for essay

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Why I am here? Well, if God doesn't exist, that means that life must have come about through some natural impersonal, unintelligent, and ultimately purposeless . Many people, events and regular everyday occurrences have shaped me into the person I am today. Also, why I am here could possibly be explained by some of. Free Essay: Who Am I? My name is xxxxxxxxx and I am a woman originally born in the city of xxxxxx, xxxxx. I came to the United States at age.

For me I don't know why i'm here on Earth I'm not sure if i ever will. But I know in one word of what my life is right now abnormal and thats the. One of the reasons why I am here today is because I was being treated like a baby in high school even though I maintained over a GPA and now my. The first thing for which I am in this University is that I want to learn, and evolve in the direction that I'm interested in. Second, here it is likely to receive higher.

Who am I? This essay sample features main points students should cover when answering such a difficult and personal question. The purpose of life has two parts: Why God created us, what's in it for him? And why are we here, what does he want from us. The first question is high mystery. An Essay by Kate Garoutte-Smith, circa In my more cynical moments, I believe I'm here to experience poverty, obesity and lots of obstacles because in. Having come from a humble and financially straining background, I have often felt the need to be the light of my family and the community as well. On the othe.

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