How to refresh your router

25.08.2018 Tech

While Stephouse Networks has a dedicated support team to help you out if you ever run into any networking issues, some people like to roll up their sleeves and . The FBI recently recommended rebooting your router due to a potential malware attack. Whether you're doing it for that or just to reset your. You can restart your router and modem if you suspect that the network isn't working like it should. Restarting is actually one of most simple troubleshooting steps of all to attempt to fix whatever thing isn't working properly. So it is with your network hardware, like your digital.

Resetting a home router will restore it to the condition it was in when you One quick way to fix your internet connection: Reset your router. Disconnect your router from your modem. To do this, you'll simply remove the Ethernet cable connecting the router and. At least once a week and sometimes as often as everyday one of my PCs fails to connect to the router. When this happens, I start running.

The need for speed is here. Internet speeds are going up, and people want more. Is unplugging your router the secret to improving your speed?. If this happens to you a lot, your router may have a larger underlying issue that needs to be fixed—perhaps the firmware needs an update.

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