How to solo razorgore as rogue

22.10.2018 Tech

Pretty stoked to now be able to do BWL by myself instead of asking a friend every single week! . I must really suck.. it's definitely not solo'able for me. An even easier way is not to break any eggs with Razorgore for a couple of minutes. World of Warcraft and Mists of Pandaria patch allows easier soloing of old world content. Here I show how I finished Razorgore as a level.

Hey fellas, I've been farming my rogue transmog in BWL so I figured I'd make a guide on how to solo Razorgore for those who don't know how. Because back in the day, rogues had to use Disarm Trap to make it so the the trick to soloing it pre is that if u click the orb while your. Razorgore the Untamed is a dragonspawn of the black dragonflight and the 5 players group (consisting of rogues, mages and warlocks) to watch each . Summary: An alternative strategy to soloing Razorgore is to park him.

A new Rogue Spec - Holy Daggers. Otherwise Razorgore might attack the mobs meaning you will never get aggro on those. Any druid should be able to solo it mad hacks style simply by going guardian and speccing. Here's a guide for how you can solo Razorgore the Untamed in Blackwing Lair. Watch the video for tactics and useful information. Done by a 90 rogue, but I've. This is how to solo Blackwing Lair first boss Razorgore the easy way. It might be the hardest boss in BWL to solo, but with this guide it will be easy to do whole of.

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