Kill the baby game whos your daddy

09.09.2018 Tech

Who's Your Daddy is a $5 Early Access online game for two players. Baby's job is to crawl around and kill itself as quickly as possible. Just to. The baby is one of the two playable characters in the game, Who's Your Daddy. The baby is on a quest to kill himself before his mom gets home (at 4pm). Death methods is a gameplay feature in Who's Your Daddy. There are many ways the Baby can die in game including but not limited to: Glass Shards - This is a deadly hazard which kills Baby much quicker than the hazards mentioned.

Baby-Proofing is main part of the Daddy's game mechanics which leads to protect the baby, and if the baby doesn't kill himself at the whole game from 12 PM to. Who's Your Daddy is a video game that was a joke, then became a Kickstarter, and now it's a thing. It's also a game about a baby trying to kill. Who's Your Daddy? is a simulation video game created by Joe Williams. The game funded In both modes, the father must prevent the baby's death, through methods such as locking cabinets and "Baby-Killing Game Is So Hot Right Now ".

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