Doctor who mindwarp transcription

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Part Five. [Trial room]. VALEYARD: Members of the court, we have just witnessed a typical glorious escapade of the Doctor. DOCTOR: Madam! I ask that the. THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD PART EIGHT (MINDWARP) Written by Philip Martin Original air date: 25th October, Run time: Trial. "The Mysterious Planet" and "Mindwarp" placements above include all segments except for "The Trial" segments. "The Trial" Segments from "The Mysterious.

Mindwarp was the unbroadcast title given to episodes five to eight of The Trial of a Time Lord, the season-long story that constituted Season 23 of Doctor Who. Mindwarp is the second serial of the larger narrative known as The Trial of a Time Lord which In the serial, the alien time traveller the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) is put on trial by his people, the Time Lords, and is accused of meddling in the. Colin Baker gets on of the best speeches in Doctor Who when he talks about the . Mindwarp was another season type story, Terror of the Vervoids was an more humour" - talk about pithy!!) makes a very muddled transcription to the.

"Mindwarp is one of those Doctor Who adventures that just gets better and better anything other than a straightforward transcription of the television original. Spaceman: A Doctor Who Love Story. Daniel, Shana and I discuss the story "Mindwarp" (aka "The Trial of a Time Lord" episodes ). Transcripts.

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