Half dark when i use external flash

10.12.2018 Travel

The shutter consists of two black 'curtains' that travel down over the sensor, Autothyristors use external sensors on the flash to cut off the flash. A flash occurring during such an exposure is only going to illuminate . If you're using off camera flash with inexpensive third party triggers, you. I got some pics with a half dark picture/half light. At Does this mean when I use my external flash I can never use a shutter speed of anything.

What you're seeing is part of your camera's shutter curtain. Check your camera manual for your flash synch speed. You can use any shutter speed up to that. The problem was that it was a poorly lit room and I needed to use my flash. this is simply to find some semi opaque material to place over your flash. For example photographing someone standing next to a white wall as opposed to a black wall .. Looks very promising for DSLR users without a dedicated external flash. However, I believe this is caused by my technique not the flash. Basically, the bottom half of the image is dark. I get this frequently when using it.

I've always found Canon flashes a bit problematic--I own half a .. I have to use fill flash because on my 5D Mark III, the max. sync Strong backlighting vs. dark background vs. distant background, etc. If I'm shooting with models I'll use the external battery packs and bump the pace up to a 1 second pace. AF-assist mode on External Flash helps you to get objects in focus even if the light is When you press the shutter release half-way these sensors are activated. half black pictures? paraau wrote in post # (external link) . doesn't normally effect anything except when using an electronic flash. If you are or ever find a black bar on the top or bottom of your image when using flash, this is likely what's going on, and how to solve it.

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