How old is cher bono now

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Cher is an American singer and actress. Commonly referred to by the media as the Goddess of . Now living in Los Angeles, Cher's mother began acting while working as a waitress. Sonny introduced Cher to Spector, who used her as a backup singer on many recordings, including the Ronettes' "Be My Baby" and the . Pop icon Cher's fascinating life and career, including her real name, net worth With Sonny, Cher had one child, Chastity Bono (now known as. Actor/singer Cher performs onstage during the Billboard Music The year-old was honoured with the prestigious Icon Award and.

6. Iconic singer Cher performs at the Billboard Music Awards 1 in over 20 countries and her music is still beloved by listeners old and. Even if she wanted to, Cher says she couldn't fit into some of her most famous outfits. iconic singer and actress, who turns 70 years old on Friday, May .. Wearing them again isn't really an option now, she said, because. Cher is an iconic pop queen and actress who rose to prominence as a result of Now, a transgender man, his father, Sonny Bono, a popular producer, actor.

Cher met Sonny Bono when she was 16 and he was The two began dating, and Sonny got his girlfriend gigs as a backup singer on songs like the Ronettes'.

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