Launching model rockets in massachusetts how old

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Launch safety and its associated regulations and lessons-learned are covered There is no minimum age for purchasing or flying model rockets and most types . Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri. Model Rocketry Laws in Mass. This topic Does Massachusetts (or for that matter, any locality near Waltham) have any goofy rules about model rockets? I'd like to anyway). I told them I'd be launching a max of feet, and they said, " OK - . and I left. I assume they must have had a bad experience with previous flyers. I used to have model rockets when I was a kid back in the dark ages. Are there laws in MA covering these things that one must be careful about? . We don't have a big field to launch in but if you keep the engine small it's.

So If I can't use MY public parks to fly small model rockets, where exactly am I Back in the old days ('s) my brother and I launched our rockets from a. The board shall make rules and regulations for the keeping, storage, manufacture, sale and use of model rocket engines and for the launching, operation and. Where are some good places to launch model rockets in Boston? day and age, it might not be wise to be a lone model rocketry hobbyist. lol.

Children as young as 12 years of age may launch model rocket engines under adult supervision while participating in a bona fide educational program. Also, here's the state law regarding model rockets: It sounds okay to me as long as you buy commercial rocket engines. I used to play with. If you mean the basic $$50 rockets, then any big field or park might do, particularly in the “off hours” like Sunday morning. But if you are. Model rocket engines complying with certain requirements have been exempted Quincy, MA To purchase 1/4A through D engines, you must be 14 years of age or older. Launch sites must be approved by the local fire marshal.

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