How to load a mossberg 930

27.08.2018 World

My local gun shop has the SPX for sale and I am researching it. I downloaded the Mossberg Owner's Manual and have a question. Do not attempt to load, handle or use your Mossberg firearm until you read and understand the .. your Mossberg firearm presented by Jerry Miculek go to. Picked up a used Mossberg today. It has a +2 extension that says "choate" on it but I'm not sure if it is from the factory or if it was added later.

To Load Shotgun. Last Updated on Sun, 28 Aug | Mossberg '" Models are designed for /4" factory loaded shells and 3" factory loaded. Mossberg Turkey, 24" vent rib with fiber optic rifle sights. So my problem is it won't load by cycling the bolt with any number of shells in. I bought a Mossberg a few months ago and everything was fine when I test fired it, but now I am having a problem with it not loading shells.

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