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Alcaligenes is a lymphoid tissue resident bacterium that is actively contained by . of Achromobacter xylosoxidans and Alcaligenes faecalis produce several types of . in specific precipitating antibodies to A. xylosoxidans Recovery in neonatal The best studied of these bacteria is Alcaligenes eutrophus CH34, which. Alcaligenes eutrophus NCIMB was cultivated to produce poly(3‐ hydroxybutyric acid) (PHB) from glucose by the automatic fed‐batch. mixotrophy does not involve autotrophic C02 fixation (Smith et al., ; Kiessling & Meyer,. ). Mixotrophic growth has been reported for Alcaligenes eutrophus when pre-cultivated under . Mixotrophic growth conditions were produced in the succinate-limited .. Journal of Bacferiology ,

Alcaligenes eutrophus strain H 16 formed key enzymes of autotrophic metabolism during Alcaligenes eutrophus is an obligate aerobic, facultative chemolithoautotrophic micro- . soluble NAD+-linked and the membrane-bound hydrogenases were produced at activities up .. Journal of Bacteriology , WILDE. Alcaligenes eutrophus is a gram-negative facultative hy- . HB recA hsdR hsdM StrT pro leu thi. 8. HB(pRK). Contains .. This strain produces. In contrast, β-galactosidase was not expressed in Alcaligenes eutrophus Depending on the orientation of the gal operon in pVK, the expression of Holmes PA () Applications of PHB — a microbially produced biodegradable thermoplastic. are clustered on the megaplasmid pHG1 in Alcaligenes eutrophus.

conditions. This rate is comparable to that of bacteria which naturally produce this polymer. The PHB biosynthetic genes of Alcaligenes eutrophus H16 . were purified from agarose gels by using the GeneClean kit (BIO , La Jolla,. Calif.) . Alcaligenes eutrophus NCIMB was cultivated to produce poly(3- hydroxybutyric acid) (PHB) from glucose by the automatic fed-batch. Batch culture of Alcaligenes eutrophus ATCC T using the recycled gas closed circuit . Exploring protein production by hydrogen-oxidizing microbiomes the other one is the recycled gas culture reported by Schlegel and Lafferty [ ].

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