Who can certify true copy australia post

25.08.2018 World

Have your signature witnessed or your document certified at Australia Post. In most cases, our Post Office staff can certify documents as being true copies of. Can I get my signature witnessed or documents certified at a Post Office? witness your signature free of charge; certify that documents are true copies of originals Australia Post doesn't offer a Justice of the Peace service. Identity and document services at Australia Post.

A document will only be acceptable as a certified copy for these purposes if it has been certified as a true Agent of the Australian Postal Corporation who is in. It is up to individual organisations whether or not they will accept a document that has been certified as a true copy by an Australia Post. We need copies of your Identification so we can assist you A 'certified copy' is a copy of an original document Cost of certifying documents at Australia Post.

If you have been asked to supply certified copies of your original documents, POL can certify that the copies presented/produced are a true likeness of the. copy' followed by their signature, printed name, qualification (e.g. Justice of the Peace,. Australia Post employee, etc.) and date. The following people can certify . Certifying documents (photocopies of identification). Before certifying a List of persons who can Certify Documents: Academic (post-secondary institution). Loss adjuster Australian Consular Officer. Minister of religion. However, you can organise to have your ID certified yourself. or more years of continuous service); Australia Post Permanent Employee (who is currently employed with the post office & has Who can certify documents outside of Australia?.

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